The Default Map View is essential to set for all new clients.  By setting the Default Map View, the user will view the map in the default area that they will be tracking in.  This will apply to the Tracking Tab (prior to Devices Reporting), Geofence Tab, Routing Tab and Dispatch Tab.


Set the Default Map View

  1. Login as Client
  2. Select Tracking Tab
  3. Move to the area on the map that you wish to use as the Default
  4. Select Set Map as Default View Icon, located on the lower right hand side of the page
  5. From the Pop-Up stating 'The Selected Map Region is Now Set as the Default,' select OK.  The selected map region is now set as Default
  6. Refresh the Tracking Page or View the Geofence, Routing or Dispatch Tab to see the Default Map


Set Map as Default View Icon