Here you will learn how to create a Geofence in a circular shape.

1.       Log in as Client Admin

2.       Click on the Geofence Tab

3.       Select the Create Geofence tab

4.       Select your Center Point


5.       Select the Radius


  • You may configure this circumference by entering in the radius' distance in the box below and click Show.

6.       Click Save

  • A pop up will now come up showing you configuration options for that Geofence.


  • Multiple Geofences can be created around the one you just created by selecting Multiple Geofence

                                            1.       Original Radius

                                            2.       (Remains at start of center point)

                                            3.       (Remains at start of center point)




         7.  When finished, Click Next

         8.  This next window will ask you to assign the Geofence to a group  Select Groups.

         9.  Click Next

       10.  Determine the Hours of Operation of the new Geofence (Must have Auto Assign Geofence as "Yes" in Manage General Settings for this feature to work)