The Tracking page is where you can view your items on the map. You can see the last known location of your vehicle along with speed, ignition status, etc. You can also locate (ping) an item, create a geofence, or view alerts.



  1. Vehicle Icon: icon that represents the vehicle on the map.
  2. Mini Map: map that shows a larger view of the surrounding area.
  3. Toggle Visibility: toggle the visibility of an item on the map.
  4. Item Name: the name of the vehicle, asset, or individual.
  5. Last Reported: the amount of time since the item last reported it's location.
  6. Info: click on this button to display more info about the item and its activity.
  7. Status: indicates if the item is stopped or moving.
  8. Alerts: click on this button to view the current alerts for this item.
  9. Message: click on this button to send a message to the GPS device.
  10. Ping: click on this button to locate the current position of the item.
  11. Show Landmarks: displays all of the landmarks on the map.
  12. Show Geofences: displays all of the geofences on the map.
  13. Lock Map: keep the map from recentering every time an item changes location.
  14. Ruler: measures distances and area on the map.
  15. Set Map: set map to the current view.
  16. Map Refresh: time in minutes until the map refreshes.
  17. Zoom Slider: zoom in/out on the map.
  18. Pan: move map north, south, east, or west.
  19. Google Street View: activate Google Street View.
  20. Full Map: click arrow to expand map to entire screen.