New Report Subscription - Article

Within the New Report Framework, you will be able to setup a Report Subscription.  This will allow you to create Reports to automatically run and be emailed out.  You will need to have the Report Template Created and Saved in My Reports, in order to setup a Subscription.


To Setup a New Report Subscription, please follow the steps below:

1.  Login to your Platform

2.  Select the ‘Reports Tab’

3.  Select the ‘My Reports’

4.  Locate the Subscription Icon (Clock) located with the Report in which you wish to setup a Subscription for



5.  Within the Pop-Up, complete the following information:

a.  Email To:  Email Address to Send the Report to

b.  Email Subject:  Subject Line of the Email

c.  Report Language:  Language in which to View Report

d.  Report File Format:  Format of the Report

e.  Report Send Time:  Time that the Report Should be Emailed

f.  Report Frequency:  Frequency in which the Report Should be Emailed


6.  Once this has been completed, select the ‘Save’ button