If you are experiencing a technical issue with your GuardTrax unit, you should do the following:

Look over the FAQ and Training Videos tabs to see if there is a solution detailed out already for the issue.

If the issue persists:

Contact GuardTrax Customer Service for assistance by sending an email to

Include the following in the email:

§ Subject of email should read - RMA: [Company Name]

§ Contact Name

§ Company Name

§ Contact Number and email address

§ GuardTrax IMEI/Serial Number (IMEI # can be found on the website in the group where the unit resides)

§ Group Name

§ Specific details about the issue (i.e. my GuardTrax won’t scan RFID tags, won’t hold a charge, etc…) The more detail you provide the quicker we can resolve your issue

You will receive a response to your email from GuardTrax Tier 1 support within 24 hours.

Be prepared to do some troubleshooting with the device and if necessary plan to have the device in hand at the time of the troubleshooting if GuardTrax decides to escalate the issue to Tier 2 support.

If the unit must be sent in for repair GuardTrax will email the GuardTrax RMA Form to be filled out, signed and emailed back to or the form can be found here. (insert link to form)

Fill out the following:

§ Company Name

§ Contact Name

§ Shipping address (where should GuardTrax ship the unit when it is repaired)

§ Contact Email address

§ Contact Phone Number

§ RMA number (will be filled in by GuardTrax)

§ RMA Date (will be filled in by GuardTrax)

§ Device Name

§ Reason for return

§ Serial #

§ Sign and date the form and email it back to

GuardTrax will email a Fedex Ground return label to ship the unit in for repair.

GuardTrax requires 3 business days to find out the issue with the unit and then will do one of the following:

§ Ship the repaired unit back

§ Contact customer to discuss findings (i.e. customer abuse where payment will be required)

§ Ship a replacement unit because the original unit could not be repaired