Issue Description Possible Causes Suggested Fix
The app crashes Too many open apps Close unnecessary applications
No data on web portal lack of cell/wi-fi service Check with cellular provider/connect to wi-fi hotspot
No tracking via web portal Location settings turned off on device Turn on GPS settings on the Android See Set up.
The app is asking me to update Your are running an older version of the application You need to update the application See Updates
I cannot install the application Incompatible device HW/OS Make sure you have the recommended hardware and OS version See System Requirements.  
I cannot update the application Incompatible versions Uninstall any previous versions of the application > install new updated version  
The app is running yet I do not see any data for my device “Start Shift” button hasn’t been pressed You need to “Start Shift’ to begin data transfer
The app randomly stops sending data Some Androids have a low battery protection mode to conserve power, this will stop processes from running causing the device to stop sending data Turn battery conservation mode off